Sunday, 6 June 2010

An itch you just can't scratch.

If you attach a webcam to the carriage of some electromechanical device (I have a Commodore MPS-1230 dot matrix printer) you could wind the carriage backwards and forwards and point the webcam at one of two images (say, a cross and a circle) which you could pick out with some simple image recognition. You'd just have alternately print lines of, say, 20 or 60 characters and let the carriage return at the end of every line using, you know, a carriage return.

The best thing about the MPS-1230 (and I admit, its benefits are few and far between) is it can be operated over the DIN serial port on the back of a Commodore C64. Which has a range of exciting input options, like a set of TTL GPIOs.

Bonus points if it's a Wifi webcam.

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